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Our house was built by the Homeplace in Anderson SC. During the building process At first we made trips to the building site because we thought it would be fun to watch the process.

We soon changed to getting there whenever possible to look for things that they were not doing correctly or trying to skimp out on. I showed up as they were getting ready to install the vynil floors without putting any luan down first. I questioned the installers who said to speak to there boss. He said the Homeplace did not include it in their floors.

Luan is essential for keeping a smooth surface finish. I fought with the Homeplace who said it wasnt needed eventually contacting their office in Georgia them they finally agreed to install the luan first. The plumbing that I have had to repair over the years looks like it was put in by a bunch of children. The pipes rattle through out the house due to the lack of bracing in the walls.

I recently removed my shower plate to replace it with a new fixture and found the pipes are free floating all the way up through the wall. The outlet boxes are not properly mounted to the studs as I found out when replacing one of the covers. Over the years I have met 4 other families who own homes built by Americas Homeplace and all of them were enticed by the affordable price and the fact that they make it known they are a Christain owned company. Everyone of them have had similar problems with shabby workmanship, missleading statements during construction and they regret their choice.

I asked the punchlist guy who came out after all was said and done why would they even put down vinyl floors without luan or masonite under it when anyone who know anything about vinyl flooring knows it will show the bumps and creases of the plywood under it after time and he said it was a game of numbers. Out of the 100% of the floors they put in they may only get called back on 20 to 30% so they saved on 70% of the floors. What a great christain company! The houses look like a good deal and friendly salesman do what their paid to do, sell.

They sell you on the house but first they sell you themselves and the good christain company who offers fair honest priced homes. By the way, once you sign on the dotted line you deal with a super who the only time I seen at my house was when I called him there because he said that he had too many houses going at one time. So I had to make as many trips as I could around my work schedule to find things like gaps in the boards that go on under the siding before the whole house got sided. Spots in the walls missing insulation before they finished sheet rocking the rooms.

who knows about the rooms that were already sheetrocked. The house is a drafty and cold as it gets. The list goes on. You will be lucky to get what you think your paying for.

Make sure you do your homework and ask around. Just because some one is in business for a long time doesn't mean there good. Ask them if you can speak to some of their customers over the last 20 years, see what they say. There should be plenty for them to choose from.

If someone does a good job for me I would be happy to share it. Funny they never asked me or the other families I know.

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I had an amazing experience with the Anderson America's Home Place and would recommend them to everyone. I love my home.

Beautifully built and the customer service was outstanding.

to Anonymous Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States #1265547

My husband and I are interested in using Anderson Americas's Home Place to build, but all these reviews have me weary. You would recommend to use them?

to Anonymous #1371420

Use Trinity Custom HOmes in Lavonia Georgia. Awesome to work with

Seneca, South Carolina, United States #1107476

I am sorry you had trouble, AHP. built me a house in Fair Play in 2010. It was very well done, no issues.

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