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On Apr 26, 2015, at 8:10 PM, James wrote:

To Whom It May Concern-

I have made countless attempts to complete warranty repairs on our home that we have lived in now for over 18 months. We continue to live in a home that has spackled walls in nearly every room left needing sanding and painting, over 6' of crown molding missing in our master bathroom which was removed on two separate occassions to match and repair yet never returned to complete, a garage ceiling that cracks have been filled in but resurfacing never completed, a kitchen island that we have complained about since day one that is not centered within the parameters of the kitchen as originally agreed upon causing issues with the installation of the refrigerator we desired (cabinet personnel never contacted us as promised), as well as the rest of the incomplete repairs from a list sent via e-mail in mid-December of 2014 to the "new staff" that was anxious to "make things right". Approximately a month ago, one of my attempts in completion of these repairs ended in stating there was always a scheduling conflict with work schedules, but the repair man that contacted my wife stated he would get back to her, and that was over a month now!

We keep going month-to-month waiting for something to be completed, and the "new staff to making things right" have not succeeded AT ALL yet! If there is only one repair person working warranty repairs, it is obvious more need hired. Have we been overlooked? Are we forgotten about.... again? I am tired, and nearly at my wits end, with the struggles we have in completing the warranty repairs as promised over and over again. Do I need to send my uncompleted repairs list to corporate to get anything accomplished? Do I need to have the work completed myself and send the bill? Do I need to seek legal services? Please help me understand why I am tolerating this once again, *** poor performance that you think is considered customer service.

Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding.


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