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Let this video speak for itself.The lowest bidder does the work.

The super was a really nice guy but he had no experience with residential building, I knew more than him. It's so frustrating to work with this company. I even emailed the owner and of course no reply. The district manager came out and his comment was "I guess we have to try harder!!!".

Don't believe that you'll be the one who gets the experienced crews because there are none. Do yourself a favor and check out your local contractors and make sure you have a completion date in the contract.

Our build took almost 11 months.

Check out this video: youtube.com/watch?v=N80aQQoAfUI

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $224000.


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I wanted to have a house built but I am so happy I read that and seeing your video I would not have them do any work for me at all . I am so sorry you have to go through that I hope something can be done to help you .

to Anonymous #1392698
Americas Home Place Verified Representative

Please keep in mind that we learned from this build and have made improvements to our process because of it. We encourage you to read some of our more current reviews for the location nearest you on Google. Thank you and we hope your new home experiences is a great one!


I hope you had an attorney and you can get your money back and make them redo it .that was terrible I hope you didn’t have to pay a dime

Columbus, Georgia, United States #1228332

WOW!!!Did you still have to pay for this?

Albany, Georgia, United States #1199493

This is terrible. The Tallahassee office is building for us right now. I wish I had seen this because I feel like we are in the same boat.

Denver, North Carolina, United States #1189380

I feel genuinely sorry for you.I woukdve hated to spend my hard earned money on such a sloppy, unprofessional job.

Thanks for documenting the *** work for the rest of us to see.Its just pathetic!


Thank you for sharing! I almost cried FOR you! I just got a call from this company, I will not be responding!


Call me 568-544-9715 barbaracampbell52@gmail. Get in touch with me. We r living a nightmare with American home place.


Wow, looking for a builder in the Tallahassee area, will now stay away from this company.


I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I hope you got everything fixed. Thanks for posting these pictures seeing this I am afraid I must pass on having these people build my home.

again I am sorry but you saved us thank you


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