I built a home with America's Home Place in Blairsville Ga. It was a nightmare dealing with these guys. If you are building a home, stay away for America's Home Place.

The General Manager was nice until I started having issues with the construction. Then he turned into a rude, foul mouth monster. We got into several heated conversations where he seemed to loose his temper and used more cuss words than I have ever heard.

They must use "subs" that they pay min. wage because the house was thrown together in like 40 days. Walls were out of plumb, floors sqeaks, falling sheetrock, and I can go on and on. I also learned talking to a former employee that the company makes over 40% profit margin, That is huge. Most builders makes about 10% profit.

I will never use these guys again and I urge you to stay away from this company.

Review about: Americas Home Place House Construction.

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Suwanee, Georgia, United States #1290197

I have just taken over as Sales Manager in the Blairsville AHP office and have read these reviews and comments. I would like to apologize to all that have commented here and are not happy with the results.

After reading these comments and reviews I want to assure all of our past, present and future Customers that this is not the way we do business. All of the employees that are referred to in the reviews and comments are no longer with the Company. We now have a staff that is fully committed to making sure every Customer is treated with respect and that all issues will be handled in a way that all of our Customers needs and concerns are fully addressed. My door is always open and welcome to any one that has written here.

America's Home Place has been in business since 1972 and Customer Satisfaction is OUR NUMBER ONE GOAL. We have built many many homes in North Ga and Western NC over the many years we have been in business. Most of our New Customers are referrals from previous Customers that we have built for. We use only quality materials and expert carpenters and vendors to make sure your home is built with outstanding quality and to your specifications.

We would be glad to sit down with anyone that has written here and make sure that your situation gets resolved to your satisfaction. Please do not hesitate to contact any of our Staff at the Blairsville AHP at 706-781-2945..Thank You, AHP Staff

to Anonymous #1312979

This so called sales manager is a liar he worked for this company when we bought our house they cut his pay and he quit that's what he told us anyway. Just so you know Chris strong is GM and Stacy Buchanan some kind of president


Some customers just don't have a clue this customer wanted everything for nothing the general manager is a Christian man so he wouldn't have never spoke to this customer this way I don't know who you are But please speak the truth. And God will be the Judge

San Diego, California, United States #1050441

help. r thete othet people out there that american home place.

has lied too.

did not do the work correct. call me 678-544-9815


i want to sue american home place. they have caused my life to be ***.

dealing with these people. i have pictures of all the things that r wrong in our house. we dont even call it a home. it has so much putty and caulking its unbelieveable.

i will post pictures if i dont hear from them by tuesday. we have made numerous of list fir these people. you make tge mistates you fix them thats all we ask.

Does anyone else have Troubles with their new home. call me 678-544-9815.


Did you have any issues with going over final price? What percentage were the allowances? What do you mean by wall were out of plumb?


You might want to check out Trinity Custom Homes on Rip Off Report.com before using them. They have worse reputation than AHP.

Blairsville, Georgia, United States #869596

My husband and I visited the home center in Blairsville Ga late one afternoon. We came in and no one was there to wait on us.

We wandered around the model center for about 15 min when we heard a man and a woman screaming and hollering and cussing each other in the back room. We just left. No one ever knew we where there. As we were going to our car in the parking lot, we could still hear them screaming and cussing at each other.

It was kind of funny. But it was so weird and unprofessional.

We ended up going to Trinity Custom Homes in Ellijay and built a home with them. We had a great experience.

to Nancy #1269064

Just to clarify The people in the back where customers there doing the color selection's. No sales were there they the customer's was upset because they were not there after setting appt. and we do apologize For that

Cumming, Georgia, United States #865786

Dear Blairsville, Georgia: I was considering using AHP but with all the negative reviews I'm very worried. We live in ***, Georgia.

If you do not use AHP then who would you recommend using? We (my spouse & myself) cannot afford to have mistakes and/or mishaps from a company that claims to be high in customer and quality service. This will be our retirement home. You indicated that its a 40% profit.

We need qualified licensed builders in our area.

Who would you recommend? You can also email me at garydb52@hotmail.com

to JBB Blairsville, Georgia, United States #869600


I would recommend a local custom builder. There are many in the area and you will deal with the "owner" of the company.

The local builders usually make about a 10% profit and that is fair to me.

I wish that is they way we would have gone. Just check with your local chamber of commerce and see who they recommend.

Best of luck!


These people threatened our friends and you know who you are. This supervisor knows he is not doing it right so he is nowhere to be found.

You need to correct of what is wrong and stop threatening these people. You just make it worst. Face it, you are not doing your job. The law has already been informed of what you did.

Coward. Stay away from these company..you think you are dealing with good people to help you but they are there to rip you off.


My friend had a nightmare with this company, nothing was done right. The plumbing leaks, floor squeaking and crooked, walls are crooked and nothing is plumb.

The windows don't fit right and they leak. The doors have been adjusted several times and they still won't close. Overall the foundation caused all these problems because is not level, and causes everything to be out of plumb. The worst thing on this company is they can't find the building supervisor and they abandoned the job because they don't have the skill to finish the job.

The thing is they hired cheap labor with no skills what so ever. Till these day these retired military and his wife can not move in to this house because it failed the inspection by the county. Not fit to live in, they have to turn the water off because pipes leak inside the walls.

This is completely insanely a nightmare. Please don"t do business with this company.

Blairsville, Georgia, United States #818167

I also built a home with the Blairsville Americas Home Place and it was also a nightmare. I wish I had hired a local builder.

The quality of my home is very poor.

They use materials that must be sub grade. They are nice people until you have a problem then they turn into rude people.

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