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We're having our house built by these people and so far it has been a nightmare! Our concrete slab is not level to the tune of 4 inches in some places.

Nothing is plumb! I've been calling my way up the chain of command and so far as I can tell, none of these people could care less. Our building supplies sat out at our land for 4 months in the rain before they had even poured the concrete and now the materials are covered with detritus and black mold. They tell me that they will fix everything, but it's clear that they plan on doing some redneck engineering on our brand new home.

I've consulted with civil engineers, concrete specialist, and building inspectors- all of whom have informed me that at least three inches of concrete will have to be poured to correct the situation, but of course they just want to float a little concrete here and there. They've stopped answering my calls and have never returned them even after they assured me that they would. I signed the paperwork for our house a week before Thanksgiving 2013, it's now late June 2014 and we still don't have a dumpster at our building site. We just got a port-a-potty yesterday, and only then because I threatened legal action.

These people have no regard for me, my family, or what was supposed to be our dream home.

We're devastated now with no real idea as to how we'll recover from this as all of our money is tied up in this. Please don't do business with these people!!!

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Get some one else. Please listen! It will be the worst decision of your life to do business with these guys

Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States #1111346

Americas Home Place delays construction in order to cause your one year construction loan to expire, then you get jabbed by their bank. Pay stiff fees or lose your property which is your collateral.

AHP is a deal with the Devil.

You will pay dearly. Another AHP victim in Goodlettsville, TN!

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #1100566

I am thinking about having a home built by these people has it gotten better? Please advise

Riverside, California, United States #1056453

Why not contact the attorney general of TNT. Sounds like u have been thru a nightmare so now u have nothing to lose by trying.

I do live I So.cAl and we have a dept. Of consumer affairs. Try to seek that too. I have had the best luck contacting a legislator.

The house of representatives best bet cause they r re-elected every 2 years. I would be polite and respectful cause u will get a staff member. This is your lifetime dream. Try everything.

Ask friends and family if they can think of anything else.oh and after u have all their names tell the A.G.s office your next call will be to e.g.name of the legislator if u think that may get them in action. Don't give up. I know u r discouraged but it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

This is

Your life. Best of luck to both of you.

Remember if you cannot get in their front door try the side door or the back meaning there is usually a different tactic but I can see why u can't think of them at the moment.


I agree with you. We've been in the home for over 6 months and nothing is square.

Hard to put up shelving if the corners are not square. One selling point is, they say they have a 1 year warranty. Try and get things done. I was told they will wait until we've been in the home for 10 months.

This way they can hurry to repair an item then when it fails again its your fault (more money out of your pocket). Finally, it sounds like the put you on ignore and disregard too.


Did you ever resolve this problem? Are you in your house? Having a lot of problems with this company as well.

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