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We were lied to about the perc test results. We were also not informed of the cost to run power on our land.

America's Home Place lied us about the result of the perc test performed on land we purchased. We were told the land DID perc and our realtor was told the same thing. After we addressed the issue with the local office they, and only then, disclosed the actual results of the perc test. The result of the test was the land has an extremely slow perc rate and calls for an engineered septic system.

While America's Home Place knew this, they did not tell us and now we are being told we need to purchase a $12,000 septic system. Our salesperson at the time of our agreement has since been fired. We are not aware of the reason, but I would expect for the shady dealings we experienced. The house was already under construction, so they say there is nothing we can do about it except that they will try and work with us.

The cost of materials to combat the water problem, has pushed us over budget by almost $20,000 and several more thousands of dollars after the fact to try and drain some of the water. Another point of fact is the cost to run power to the house from the road. They knew we were building on a treed lot and did not disclose the cost to run power to our house and therefore did not budget accordingly. While I know it is the home owners' responsibility to pay for the power, I would have expected the builder to give us an estimate as to what it would cost.

The general manager, or salesman, had never even been to the lot or our house to give us an estimate. As a matter of fact the GM only showed up months after we built and he even commented on how bad things look. The driveway was washed out, they had left trash in our yard, we couldn't even use the backyard due to standing water and them leaving before the job was done. TO make things even worse, we had to get a third party company to fix the mess they left and the GM was OK with that.

Honestly, why are we paying them if they can't provide real estimates of cost to build a house, and finish the job. Their neglect has cost us more than we can afford. Had we been told upfront of the land perc results and the estimated cost to run power, we would not be building on this property. We also just learned the warranty on our gutters is VOID.

We had gutter guards, INSTALLED BY THEM, and now they are telling us they don't have an option to upgrade to add gutter guards and they don't know how they got installed. How they are these guys still in business?

Product or Service Mentioned: Americas Home Place House Construction.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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