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My wife and I hired AHP after my mother-in-law's house flooded in the 2016 LA floods, shortly after her husband died. She was going to build a little house for herself but then her cancer came back and she had to stop the build.

AHP allowed us to swap her down payment into an account for us so we could build a house that had a mother-in-law suite to accommodate her in her dying days. The staff at AHP knew about our situation and told us repeatedly it would only take about 150 to complete construction. It took several months to get things lined up on our end so we could begin the building process. Once everything was lined up, they started telling us it would be 6-8 months to complete the build.

We said okay, its a big house, no worries...boy were we wrong! First, they quoted us a price on the land clearing and dirt work and the original guy bailed out on them. So what do they do, they hire a guy who charged TWICE as much for it without telling us...guess who has to pay for that? Next, they hire a concrete pump truck company who's truck breaks down one hour into pouring our slab then the concrete guys had to pull the concrete by hand, so much for our stained concrete floors, they don't look so good when your concrete isn't smooth!

And to top that off, the pump truck people, yeah they charge you for a minimum 4 hours even if you only get an hour's work out of them...guess who has to pay for that? Me again! I've been complaining about it for months but they won't take it off my bill! Next, they hire the same dirt guy to build a crushed concrete driveway for me.

He builds a 35 foot driveway with about 30 yards of crushed concrete, That'll be $4500 thank you very much. They don't care that the going rate for that job from all the other people I've contacted is $1500, they spent the money....guess who has to pay for that? Me again. Our driveway is 190 feet long, costed us an additional $6k to finish it out our own pocket.

Lets FF to when we fail the city inspection because this driveway doesn't comply with city code...Had to spend over $2,000 on a concrete driveway out of our own pocket. Do they care yet, not very much. All in, my driveway has costed us over $12,000 cause their mismanagement. Lets talk about the framing...never mind, lets just drink beer on the job cause that's what really happened.

I couldn't help but think it had a lot to do with my warped walls after the sheetrock was up. Next they hired the worst trim guy ever! JP Allen Construction, owner was full of excuses about every little thing that went wrong, and believe me there was a lot. In the end, he admitted to me he was an alcoholic and that's what caused most of his problems.

What does AHP do, they pay him in full anyway. Does my trim look good, *** no is doesn't. Do you think they care? Back to my floors, its my understanding that you are supposed to stain concrete floors right after framing is done so they can be properly cleaned, but what did they do, waited about two month after hundreds of people tacked mud onto my slab to the point that it couldn't be removed before staining.

Now we have dirt permanently sealed into our floors. It looks AWESOME!!!

When we finally got to talking them about what they were going to do with the floors, their office manager led us to believe they would credit us about $12,000 back for the floors, which is about what it would cost to replace them. Nope, that didn't happen, they will only give us about $3800 for the cost of the stain. Pretty sure he suckered us into asking for the money instead of doing the floors over but after the *** job they have done on everything else, who wouldn't want to just get money back at that point?

Doors, what a freaking joke. Remember Mr. Allen, yeah he did most of them. Think they were hung right?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You guys are funny. Exterior doors, done by the drunk framers, just as bad. How were these doors fixed, you ask?

Well of course they hired a true professional to do them correctly....yeah right, that would eat into their profits (which is all they seem to care about). What else is there. Electrical...we were supposed to have 3 phone outlets, whoops, we forgot to install them and since you build a two story house, you can't get the ones on the bottom floors like you wanted. Well, they finally ran one through the J-Channel in my siding, halfway around my house to reach the office after tons of complaining.

Then the AC units didn't have large enough wires ran into the attic to support their size, that's okay, we'll just cut some huge holes in the side of you house and run 3'' conduit up the side of your house, that won't look bad at all! "I hate to say it, but the side of you house looks like a trailer!" That's what a friend of mine told me. That's the best feeling in the world when your contracted price to build a house is $372,000. I feel so lucky to have chosen AHP.

What wooden porch outside the master bedroom, of course they installed the ripped edges with red chalk line next to the house and the factory cut, nice looking edges, on the outside...NOPE! But they did get someone to sand them down so they would look nice...NOPE again! THEY DON'T CARE!!!!. Did I mention the electrician installed tons of light switches in rooms so far from the doorway its almost impossible to find them without using your phone light?

Yeah, that's how I like to live. And dummy light switches, where do they go? Who really cares? Not AHP that's for sure.

Maybe I should market them as the next big thing to replace Fidget Spinners. I bet the young kids will go crazy for Dummy Switches! Flood lights, why would you want them mounted to a electrical box or even a 2x4 for that matter when you can have the screwed into the soffit? They don't need anything that can support weight, nah.

Do you think they checked on the work after the subcontractors says its completed, NOPE! They just say its done, you have only been complaining about it for 6 months, we not going to double check on that! Stairs...AHP is the only company in the world that can use the same stain on two different stair cases with the same wood and have the come out in different shades of brown. Its like magic!

What do they do you ask? They call the painter and since he says its the same color, problem solved. I love our different colored stairs, they are the best!!!! Oh yeah, the alcoholic trim guy, he did such an awesome job on our trim and doors, they hired him to do more work on our house after we complained for months for them to fire him.

That was an awesome feeling. Thank you AHP for respecting my feelings towards your *** subcontractors. There are so many other things that have happened during our house build that it is hard to keep track of all of them. Lets just get to the best parts of it all.

We are now approximately $9,000 over budget due to their negligence and mismanagement, not counting the things we had to pay for out of pocket, which is over $10,000 now, but they are still not done. It has been about 340 days since they started the clearing on the much for "150 days" like they lied to us in the beginning. Oh and remember my dying mother-in-law? I hate to say this, but my wife and I are happy she passed away two days before the slab was poured because if she would have had to have suffered in our already cramped trailer for this long AHP would have seen an entirely different side of us.

I have never in my life been treated so badly by a company. They just sit back and smile in your face and they tell you lie after lie after lie, and make promise after promise to get everything done. But yet, nothing happens. We have been fighting with the office manager since November to get our house completed but barely anything has happened.

It seems as though he wanted to push us into a corner so we would get desperate to move in and would just settle with them. Which he has just about done. And the only place we have to turn to make things right would be to hire a lawyer. Let think about that, hire one set of crooks to fight another set of crooks?

Hmmm...FML! This has been the worst experience in my life when it comes to paying someone to do something for me. If I could burn this house to the ground and start over I would not hesitate. The thought of living in this house for the rest of my life make me sick to my stomach.

But there is not much you can do when its on family property. The owners and workers of AHP should be ashamed of themselves as they do not care about their customers, only their money. Oh yeah, this is the biggest kicker of them all...wait for it...about a month ago, another one of their disgruntle customers reached out to us to share what he learned about their office manager. Guess what it was?

He found out that the office manager who was causing all these issues for him and apparently us too had been previously arrested for contractor fraud and lost his contractor's license. He apparently took hundreds of thousands of dollars from people under his own contracting business and never paid people for the work, leaving the homeowners suck with the bills even though they paid him. Wouldn't you think that AHP would stay as far away from someone like that? Nope, YOU'RE HIRED is what AHP does for criminals like that.

So how do you think I feel when I am told to pay 3x the cost for a driveway and 2x the cost for clearing and dirt work? You guessed it, ROBBED!!!!! Don't belive me? See for yourself

Did I mention they wasted so much time stringing us along that we now have to pay 1/2 of a percent more on our mortgage interest rate?

And before you go ahead and post your lame response to my complaint AHP Corporate, how about you have someone from the Corporate Office come to my house and see for yourself the product your people are producing. And I don't mean your regional manager, already tried that route and it was a dead end. Come see my floors, come see my paint job, come see my driveway, come see everything else your workers failed at.

How hard is it to just do the right thing? Since I won't be holding my breath for them to do the right thing, especially since I have been waiting 4 months for it to happen, does anyone have any advise?

Product or Service Mentioned: Americas Home Place House Construction.

Reason of review: See complaint.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Failure to make timely repairs despite repeated requests, Experience of workers was day labor no experience, Not having my house compleated, Poor workmanship, Being pressured to finalize decisions.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Feb 26.
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Oh my gosh!!!!! I won't consider using them now.

Seems to me If you paid a professional and licensed contractor, which it was AHF responsibility to provide, that you would win a lawsuit hands down AFH or whatever their name is, did not provide agreed upon service and defrauded you big time!!!!! If a hospital allows a non licensed or negligent surgeon to do surgery, the hospital goes down too!!!!!!!

Don t let them get away with this. Get all your cash back and walk away!

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