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With all of the women coming forward to tell there story , I feel compelled to bring some things to light . I am a former employee of AHP Knoxville and a complaint was made earlier this year concerning the treatment staff members received from the management and back office staff .

They sent someone from corporate to investigate and the claims were said to be untrue , well I am part of the blame . When ask about the accusations I didn't come forward and tell the truth that harassment and bullying did happen and everyone was aware from the top down in our office . I myself was bullied and it was said it was a misunderstanding .......well birds of a feather flock together .. Sexual behaviors and jokes were made by the manager to me personally and about women who worked at corporate office and the Chatt office .

The turn over rate in that office speaks for itself . Three staff members have been there forever and they are the problem . You are treated with bullying by manager, or office coordinator and the BC at the time . Well nothing will be done because they know how to work the system and are great manipulator .

Me personally it was a blessing not be go into a hostile work environment after I was terminated for what ever they had to say to cover there tracks . Nothing will be done and this too may be brushed under the rug but one day the wrong person will be bullied and harassed and you will take action but for all the people before me that went to lunch and never came back and the new hires in the future someone will be believed . Look at your training tape and you yourself will see the KNOXVILLE office BC and Manager owns words and see for yourself a bully and a naracistic manager that laughs behind your corporate office staff back . Me personally I am sad for the people before me and the ones after me that have no voice because you all are more interested in the numbers ( money ) than doing the right thing .

Maybe someone will see this post that was bullied and harassed and lied about to corporate office and know they too know the truth and like me I believe if Mr. Conner really looked at the staff and not the numbers of the Knoxville office he already knows their are problems there with management and the little office insecure coordinator that along with BC , the u qualified office manager and the bully BC at that time will some day harass and bully the wrong person and we will all then be believed .

AHP has some wonderful people in the company that work hard and are true Christians , they walk the walk and talk the talk just not the Knoxville office . Who you are when no one is looking is who you are !

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