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The Augusta branch of American Home Place is truly an outstanding organization. The Staff was great and helpful in so many ways.

My experience was so pleasurable. The Staff answered every question and spent much time ensuring that I was knowledgeable in every aspect of the home buying experience. The office area was exemplary and impressive from the minute I walked in the door. As a Retired U.S.

Army Sergeants Major of 27 years, I appreciated the level of professionalism, timeliness, and attention to detail shown by all the staff. Just wanted to say thanks for great service to the Augusta, Ga Community. I plan to tell others about my American Home Place experience.

Again, Thanks. Sergeant Major (Ret) Sammy James

Product or Service Mentioned: Americas Home Place Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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WOW!!! the comments posted under the review speaks in volume about what kind of people work for this company...I will take my business else where.


I am reading all the reviews for AHP, something I wish we would have down prior to choosing them, (seems more bad then good) Our experience was awful, it started with the Augusta office and still exist today. David cared until my husband signed the walk through, knowing their were issues that needed to still be address, that in itself is another page of shoddy work, low quality and subs that didn't do good workmanship, but after we signed, we were promised everything would be completed by the closing, that was August, in October still not done, we then went over David, to Alan, he was a complete jerk, so we emaild several people at home office, actually talked to one gentleman on phone, by name of Jim {he was the only one that seemed helpful and/or concerned} Anyway, after sending emails to home office, things seemed to progress...well, in short, more *** work, things still not finished, more phone calls still not finished/fixed to our satisfaction, all the whilt holidays passing, my daughter getting married and we can not even decorate walls because of issues with them, and it would be quite embarrassing to have people come into our home and they point out problems, so after not getting things taken care of, more emails, phone calls and I just don't think we were taken seriously, so we decided to talk to our Atty, {we felt this just of it was not warranty work, it was promises from David that it would be fixed if we would sign off} so after getting Atty involved, we had to pay an Independent Inspector to come out and of course, he found more wrong then what we were asking to be fixed, Atty sent letter, AHP answered and 2 days in Feb was set aside to complete the list (remember we moved in August and still saying it is warranty work}But I do want to add, prior to getting Atty, our emails to the home office resulted in Alan wanting to come out and look for himself, had no problem with that, what we had problem with is he wanted to come on his terms, my husband works from 630 to 530, so it needed to be around his schedule and he had already taken numerous times off, so after several conversations with Alan, who again acted like a jerk, he finally agreed to come after 6 one evening.

We requested that David Watkins was not allowed back on our property due to the many, and I do mean many LIES he told us and I have the emails to prove that we didn't want him on our property for reasons that were expressed in emails to home office, but when Alan show up at our home, who is with him? David Watkins. We take the high road and do not say anything about that, they come in, look, and Alan basically says their is nothing wrong with home, it all normal, it has to settle, however he was trying to justify it, then issue came up about all of it was warrenty work, that is when my husband strongly disagree, because here again, David Watkins, told him in August, "if you will put Insurance on house, so we can release our Insurancee and sign the walk through, I will make sure everything is finished/fixed prior to closing on, does that sound like warranty work, when house wasn't finished? Now, things got interesting, my husband, 6'2 about 250 and has a very loud voice when he speaks, a Foreman for a Road Construction, he likes a few beers when he gets home and in bed by 9 due to work schedule, I say all that to say this, He told Alan to leave his property and to take David with him, and Alan got in his face nd told him he needed to calm down, again my husband told him to leave, after a few more words from both, they did leave and the next day we contacted our Atty.

To sum this up, they came at appointed time, for 2 days (said it ALL would be complete, ut wasn't, but we worked with them and they did complete all things EXCEPT an issue with the floor and outside lights, which Richard who was overseeing the work being done, who made several comments tht he knew this wasn't warranty work, ect., knew and still does that it was not finished, but to our surprise, we get a letter from our Atty with another letter attached from Alan himself, stating all work was 100% complete and from here on out, if we had any more problems, we have to contqct our Atty, he contacts AHP and he or a representative of his has to be present on the property to do any other work because AHP was concern with their safety...I find this amusing. seeing how I was the one usually here when they came to fix something, with the exception of one time, I was not here, had a Drs appt because they don't not work past 5 {we were told} and I am DISABLED and have a hard time walking. We have been so frustrated with this company and mosr certainly with David and Alan, and now Richard, who stood on our porch, in front of us and my adult daughter and said "call me anytime with a any problems, I will take care of it." Well, Richard, you quit responding to calls, so if you are reading this, Thank you for turning out to be like David and Alan, Thanks for not being true to your word, must be an AHP motto and thanks for saying all work was completed knowing the floor and flood lights outside not working (you even tried to fix yourself) properly. We were asked several times, if AHP finished/fixed issues, would we complete a survey and give a good rating, well John did the survey, and we still stand behind how he rated you...the worst possible.

If you want lie after lie, this is the company you need to go with. If anyone reading this, has questions about the 8 months to build a 1500 hm, weeks it sat with nothing being done, water leaking in it, walls not sanded just painted, crooked walls, damaged materials used, not so qualified subs could tell by shoddy work, and the list continues, I have email trails to home office and to the bank describing why so frustrated.

Yes, they dud complete most items, but don't send a letter to Atty saying 100% done when it isn't and because we were tired of waiting and hearing lies, we get an Atty involved and now you are concerned with your safety, being the one home when work is done and being disabled, I take GREAT OFFENSE to that!!! Maybe AHP needs to be more concern with the people they hire and the LIES they tell.


You were paid or work for AHP because the Augusta Office, especially David is a Liar. He lied to get us to sign, he lied when it came to fixing issues, he lied every time he would speak to us.

AHP of Augusta is unprofessional, uncaring, and will make you feel like you are a friend UNTIL you sign on the dotted line, then you are basically on your own to deal with lie after lie, excuse after excuse and all the cheap products, subs and workmanship that they use. David lines his pockets I am sure with the money AHP saves on the half done work done by the fly by night subs, Augusta might do Great without David and Alan, They are Jokes and I am certain their decision making has cost AHP money and customers.



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