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AHP is wonderful at first. The office managed even took me out for beers and to discuss the house.

All of that congeniality changed when we actually begin to question why the work on your house isn't being done properly, or why items that you've paid for in the contract aren't being taken care of, and insist in writing that they be done. AHP received a copy of our custom house plans in January, and we didn't sign a contract until April, but when we arrived at the office the bid still wasn't ready. The office manager ran around throwing it together, and it looked reasonable, so we signed. They throw about 30 pieces of paper at you during the contract signing, encouraging you to hurriedly read and sign.

After waiting in the office 2 hours past our meeting time, we signed, not even realizing that the corporate office had to approve the contract, and that the document we received was not finalized. They mis-calculated the bid on our house when we signed the initial contract, then came back asking for an additional $22,000 a few days later! They told me nothing else in the contract had changed, which was a lie, as the line items had changed substantially. Then they didn't provide me with a copy of the 2nd contract, the 'official' one until months later, when we started to question why they weren't doing the things that were in the contract we had.

It appears to be a big secret that they had charged us more to provide less. For one thing, we discovered they removed the $3,300 "hero discount" that they offered in the first contract, as my husband has been on 5 Middle East Tours, and has served 23 years in the service. Everything you ask for requires a change order which is an additional $250.00. They drag their feet to fix anything, pushing the completion date months late.

We were told our house would be ready in 45-60 days. That was 9 months ago, and it's still not done. They asked us to stay away from the construction site, as we could be a liability. Fortunately, we went to check their work anyhow.

They pointed my house the wrong direction, and it's on 12 foot piers! They use shoddy materials, and we've had to ask that a lot of the work be re-done, which they still wouldn't do until I started my own Twitter feed. They won't even paint the inside of my doors, but painted the outside and hung them up, because we told them we wanted to paint the interior walls, since my sister has a decorating business. Items that AHP asked us to bring to the property, a sink and some shower doors, and told us would be fine there were stolen.

We found beer cans and bottles of Modelo, Corona, and Dos Equis, which our project manager told us were probably from neighborhood kids. And our Project Manager has a serious memory problem, because anything we ask for that he says "sure", he can't remember that conversation later. You are encouraged to sign a waiver denying you a list of their sub contractors, and I know why. I arrived at my home early for a builder meeting and had a chance to talk with the workers installing my electrical fixtures.

Jose was from Honduras, spoke no English, and I suspect was undocumented. No wonder they don't care if the switch plates are straight! They are getting paid next to nothing and are in a hurry to get to the next job. I was asked by AHP about 2 weeks before our projected move-in date to contact the electrical and gas companies to have service established, which I've learned is something that a builder generally does.

When I spoke with the electrical company I asked for lines to be run to my house. They replied "what do you mean there's a building there?", then they told me that the contractor (AHP) should have contacted them in July when they broke ground on my house, because getting the power and gas hooked up can take 6-8 weeks! Another 2 months of delay while we have no power and cannot move in! Our apartment lease has ended, and now we are paying month-to-month rent, as the building drags on and on.

Stay away. You've been warned!

Product or Service Mentioned: Americas Home Place House Construction.

Reason of review: Incorrect placement, Late, damaged, extra financial burden, shoddy workmanship, poor communication, misrepresentation.

Monetary Loss: $75000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Misrepresentation, Poor workmanship, Late delivery, Did not fulfill expectations.

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I wish I would have seen your twitter feed before we signed. I feel your pain and pray you finally have everything resolved. We are now looking at a year.


sorry you had a horrible experience. we are having one built right now.

they said 120 days from the day they start the dig we will be in. that would be October 21. we are probably going to be in middle of September. We have been to the house every day to check on everything.

always great work and very polite!

this home place is in Sunbury, Ohio. I would recommend them to anyone!

to Anonymous #1411049

Did they finish in the correct time frane?

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #922930

This company is a total rip off and once they get their money-IT'S ALL OVER. They are out of business now in Memphis, so now....they are really dragging *** on fixing any of my issues.

YES this company is a nightmare and I would never build another home. There are all kinds of hidden fees which will come out of your own pocket.

to Chevy Houston, Texas, United States #923575


So sorry to hear that you've been through the nightmare of building a home with this terrible company. It appears that pointing your house the wrong direction is a big no no, especially after you've submitted documents to the City saying the direction of the front of the house will be one way, then it's not!

We are hoping that the substantial loss in the value of our home because of their mistake will cost them instead of us for a change. Not to mention the extra rent money we've had to pay because they are SO slow...

to FabulousE Tomball, Texas, United States #1210760

You must work for them.

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