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I have read through the complaints here and many reviews other places.

I have worked for America's Home Place on three different occasions from 1996 through 2011.

I have held several positions from building consultant to district manager to general manager.

America's Home Place (AHP) IS a large company with many employees. As such there will be some bad apples and into these bad apples can be discovered and either replaced or they're ways corrected, they will cause some problems for AHP customers as well as AHP. This is a problem not unique to AHP. but common to all large and in fact many smaller companies.

As well as having the occasional bad Apple, good people make mistakes.

So certainly AHP will have some mistakes/problems to correct. AND,GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY, THEY WILL CORRECT THEM.

Most problems can be worked out to the home owners satisfaction by dealing with the local GM and staff.

If not, the division president can certainly help you. And again they will help.

If somehow you still can't resolve your concerns, you can contact the corporate office and they will see to it your concerns are addressed and resolved

So that you understand my objectivity here, my last stint at AHP ending with my being laid off due to my selling less homes that a building consultant in the same office. I had sold apx 30% of the homes sold during the previous 6 months or so. The BC had sold apx 70%. Makes good sense, huh....layoff the weaker sales person.

Problem is...no one bothered to check who was getting what percentage of the leads. My position was sales manager. As such I received apx 15% of the total leads and most of those were assigned to other employees. So in fact I was out selling the BC.

How could this happen?... my division president had resigned and a new DP was assigned who immediately decided we were over staffed and he was probably correct. He assumed we were both BCs, sharing leads equally. Good people make mistakes... needless to say I wasn't the happiest of former employees.

I certainly have not been asked, much less paid to write this review. In fact through all my years with AHP I don't know of anyone being paid to write reviews.

It is easy to hop on the internet and hide behind "anonymous" and say anything.

If you're a disgruntled former employee you must live with what you've done by misrepresenting who you are and what AHP has done.

If you're a legitimate customer I urge you to contact AHP corporate office and they will address your concerns. The owner is an upstanding individual who I have personally witnessed do things for customers that absolutely were not warranty or poor workmanship issues.

As a manager, I have repaired issues discovered as long as 10 years after any warranty expired. These were done because AHP decided it was most likely the" right thing to do"

As to the owner being a Christian, he certainly is. Being a Christian

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Houston, Texas, United States #923592

If you can tell me how to contact the VP or CEO of AHP, I'd love to have a word with them. I've looked and looked, and these people have their information covered so well that I cannot find any contact information, even on the corporate website.

I even tried posting on the Facebook page for AHP, and got no response. I believe John is spot on...all they care about is when you're going to pay your next draw, not the quality of the house they are building for you that should last 30+ years!

Blairsville, Georgia, United States #835458

well maybe you do or did for for AHP but I can tell you every person I delt with was the same. I went all the way up the ladder in management from the GM to the District Vice President who was as rude as the GM was.

These people do not care about there customer what so ever. The DVP must have never been involved in building a home because he was an ***.

He was no help and didn't care if my house was built correctly or not. All he cared about was when I was going to pay the next draw.

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