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  • Customers like
    • Choosing what we wanted in our home 3
    • Life before ahp was in it 2
    • That we won our lawsuit 1
  • Customers don't like
    • Poor management 5
    • Misrepresentation 5
    • Poor workmanship 4

We too have had nothing but problems with our Ohio AHP home and Craig Stover and his wife. The salesrep didn't put requirements into the contract, we signed off on things thinking they were correct because HEY THEY ARE THE EXPERTS, only to find later that it wasn't done according to our requests and because it wasn't in writing we heard TOO BAD. Our garage and driveway are nothing but cracks. Windows don't close properly because they aren't... Read more

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Anonymous 2 minutes ago #1213396 West End, North Carolina I would like responde to the above post. I too also work at this location. I must say whoever ,posted the above statement is spot on. Our last sales person requested to be transferred due to Wayne and his management style . Now one of the project mangers has resigned due to his poor management style. So let me just call you out . Russel , when are you going to do something about the... Read more

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Make sure not to trust your salesman. They will make promises and not write them down. I told the company I wanted 36in cabinets and the second bath came in standard 32. They did not want to replace. Don't argue the fact that you are right you are wrong in their eyes if you signed the sheet. It is the little things that make a customer happy not the big things. Wake up Americas Home Place look at te reviews. My project manager was great. Make... Read more

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The Tallahassee office is terrible. No matter what, they always blame every problem or issue on the customer. We started a small house back in January. It is now mid August and it still is not complete. But it isn't their problem, it is mine? Because it takes them WEEKS to give you a change order to sign? And because they ordered things wrong and sprayed texture on the walls when we didn't ask them to. No one calls you back, emails you back.... Read more

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What a joke . The general manager has not a clue as how to manges his staff . His style it to set in office and tell the staff how everything should have been done another way, he by far has been the worst manager that I have ever incounterd . This was brought to his supervisor attention about 6 moths ago and nothing has changed .my understanding at the Asheville location is everyone single person wants out..The GM name is Wayne Beregeron . He... Read more

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Stay away from Fredericksburg location. They misrepresented their agreement with us, took our security deposit and became very condescending and unprofessional once we asked to ask questions. When we starting questioning the contract and integrity of the office, they made it impossible to get the financing and refused to refund the deposit. They refused to give us their corporate company information to discuss the situation with them. Please... Read more

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Americas Home Place - A marathon run through ***
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We are currently building a house in Fletcher, NC and you would think I was on their payroll as much inspecting and pointing out corrections of issues in our house. I was told that our project manager is overseeing 14 homes built simultaneously. This company would financially benefit from building less houses rather than losing money doing the same thing twice because its wrong the first time and prevent pissed of customers like myself. Paid... Read more

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Hello my name is Ms Horton I'm from MS Dealing with American home placed was the worst company I have ever dault with It's so much problems I'm having with my house and I've only been in it for 8 years when you call to explain what's going on the Ridgeland Ms offices their so rude to the point you would waste your time contacting them But under my garage its all cracked up on the concrete the flooring in my house is a mess it all came up the... Read more

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Well I might as well throw my 2 cents in. Had a great experience right up till closing on the construction loan. Closed on April 29th 2016, didn't start till June 1st. They might have worked a total of 11 days in June. Building on a slab, site was pretty level, was told they would cut 3-6 inches down and pour footing. Due to back problems didn't want the house high out of ground. Well the house is 5 course of block out of ground in back and 3 in... Read more

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We put a 44k deposit on a house to be built and a year and 2 months later, they finally finished and didn't even tell us that the bank paid them off and it is now our house. I can't tell you how unprofessional this company has been through the whole process. When we put our deposit down, it was for the reason to lock us into a price without increases. Not only did they increase the price... twice ...but they added another 7k unto the bill at... Read more

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